Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What type of vehicles will I be driven in?

    Our service is built around driving you in the comfort of your own car. However your driver can pick you up in a rental car. Just add the driver to the rental insurance policy and they will be happy to retrieve it before picking you up.

  • Who will be driving my car?

    Our service was built from the ground up to ensure only the most professional chauffeurs will be driving your car. Please visit Your Chauffeur for more information on your chauffeur.

  • What can I use my chauffeur for?

    Your chauffeur can be used to free up your valuable time and save you money on expensive long-term parking fees and other expenses. Our service is a less expensive and more flexible alternative to limousines, car services and taxis. Visit our services pages for more info.

  • How does this service work?

    Please visit our How it Works pages for information on our hourly and airport pick up services.

  • How much does iDriveYourCar cost?

    iDriveYourCar charges $35 per hour, plus 20% gratuity for the driver. Clients with a repetitive needs may be eligible for discounted rates, please call to inquire.

  • What hours are drivers available?

    Our drivers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Is there a minimum for your hourly service?

    Our minimum is 2 consecutive hours.

  • How much time in advance do I need to reserve a chauffeur?

    We suggest 24 hours advance notice to guarantee a chauffeur. However, if you do not have 24 hours feel free to call us at 888-888-7897 and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Is there a charge to setup an iDriveYourCar account?

    No, all iDriveYourCar accounts can be created free of charge either online or over the phone. Creating an account will save you time when booking chauffeurs for any and all future trips.

  • How are the chauffeurs attired?

    Standard chauffeur attire is a black suit and tie. The client may request the driver be dressed business casual as well.

  • Can the same chauffeur be used every time I book a trip?

    We can provide the same driver as often as possible provided you make the request during the reservation process. Please book in advance to ensure driver availability.

  • Can you help me hire a part- or full-time chauffeur?

    Yes. Hiring a part-time or full-time chauffeur through iDriveYourCar offers you greater cost savings and flexibility by leaving the hiring details to us. iDriveYourCar performs standard background checks and will be responsible for government regulations and reporting saving you even more time in the long run.

  • What if my car runs low on gas?

    In the event of your car running low on gas, your driver will at the nearest gas station and adds the necessary amount of premium fuel. You will be billed for the price of the fuel and the driver will provide you with the receipt.

  • What if my flight is early, delayed or canceled?

    Your driver tracks your flight status and will adjust your pickup time accordingly. However, if your flight is canceled it is your responsibility to inform us of your new flight number.

  • How do I cancel a reservation?

    To cancel you can call our offices or do it online via your account portal. There is a $42 cancellation fee for reservations cancelled within 12 hours of the pick up time.

  • What does the chauffeur do with my car after I am dropped off?

    The chauffeur will standby with your car and will be available as needed, or return the vehicle to your original pick up location (ex. your home, office, etc.) or another location of your choosing.

  • Can you make multiple stops?

    Yes, during the reservation process you will find a prompt to add additional stops during your trip.

  • What if I don’t have an EZ pass?

    Many of our drivers have their own EZ Passes to avoid the cash lines, and we will bill the toll amount upon completion of the trip.

  • How can save my company money?

    At half the cost of a limo, the savings could be significant for you and your company. Please visit our Executive Services page for additional information.

  • Why should I use iDriveYourCar for my business?

    iDriveYourCar’s outsourcing expertise allows clients to try a chauffeur before hiring one. This guarantees that you will be matched with the perfect chauffeur each and every time.

    For additional information, please visit our Executive services page to learn how we can save your organization time and money.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered above, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide you with the applicable information.