Finding you the perfect chauffeur.

Our unique selection process matches you with the perfect chauffeur.




Here’s how it works:
  1. Let us know the specifics i.e. dates, times, instructions for driver, personal preferences, if you would prefer a female driver, etc.
  2. Using your criteria we will search for a chauffeur that we feel is the perfect match.
  3. Interview as many chauffeurs as you see fit to ensure all of your needs and concerns are being taken care of.


We understand your child is your

most important asset.

We are committed to providing your children with the safest and most secure transportation option available.


• Each chauffeur undergoes an extensive criminal, motor vehicle, background and physical check.

• Each chauffeur maintains an immaculate track record of consistent service.

• You will be kept in direct contact with your chauffeur so you always know where you children are.

• Most importantly – the chauffeur that you choose, is chosen by you.



Comfort & Convenience

A familiar and safe environment for you and your child.




By matching you with a chauffeur to drive your children in the comfort of

your car, we provide a familiar environment that you know is safe.



We offer flexible pricing. Call us at 888-888-7897 to inquire.



• Children are required to wear their safety belt at all times while being chauffeured.

• If you have arranged an alternative method of transportation for your child without notifying your chauffeur, he will wait at the area of pick-up and you will be billed until contact is made.

• Unless prior arrangements have been made, a legal guardian must be present at the point of drop off for all children under the age of 14.