Our selection processes is the Ivy League admissions department of Chauffeur University, only those who possess specific personal and professional skills make the cut. This is the first step we take to provide you with consistently professional service.


    Following the selection process we ensure that each candidate is fully accredited and screened with the following items:

    • Clean Criminal (15 Years) & Motor Vehicle (7 Years) Record
    • All State Required Driver’s License Endorsements
    • Completion of Chauffeur Training Course

    In many states we utilize the License Event Notification Service (LENS) for automatic notification of any driver license events that may occur.


    All drivers accepted into our network are required
    to abide by our core service principles:

    • On Time – Every Time
    • Extensive Knowledge of Your Route
    • Provide a Smooth & Comfortable Ride

    Each chauffeur is commited to provide consistent

    service in a friendly, professional and client-oriented manner.

    Our Guarantee is Simple.

    If you are not happy with your chauffeur for any reason we encourage you to contact us and iDriveYourCar will credit your account for up to 100% the cost of your trip. Guaranteed.

    Anita Edmonds

    Customer Relations

    iDriveYour Car, LLC


    We encourage you to request the chauffeur you prefer.

    Doing so ensures familiarity with the all the details

    that will make your trip run smoothly.

    Request him by name or ask us who drove for you last.

    Let us go the extra mile.

    Any request you may have – we’re here to serve you.

    At Your Request:

    • Morning Wake Up Call & Coffee
    • Bottled Water, Beverage or Snack
    • Any Newspaper or Magazine
    • Any Errand or Request You Desire

    Explore more convenient services we can provide.

    We listen.

    Your ongoing feedback allows us to maintain a team

    of only the best and provide the service you deserve.

    Rated by You

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